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AAFA                       American Albacore Fishing Association
AFRF                       American Fishermen’s Research Foundation
ALBWG                   Albacore Working Group (ISC)
ATA                         American Tunaboat Association
BCTFA                     British Columbia Tuna Fishermens Association
BRP                         Biological Reference Point
CMM                       Conservation and Management Measure
CDF&W                   California Department of Fish and Wildlife
CFR                          Code of Federal Regulations
CITIES                      Convention in International Trade of Endangered Species
CPUE                       Catch Per Unit of Effort
DFO                         Department of Fisheries and Oceans (Canada)
DWFN                      Distant Water Fishing Nation
EA                            Environmental Assessment
EEZ                          Exclusive Economic Zone
EFH                          Essential Fish Habitat
EIS                           Environmental Impact Statement
ESA                          Endangered Species Act
ETP                          Eastern Tropical Pacific
EU                           European Union
FAD                         Fish Aggregating Device
FAO                         U.N. Food and Agricultural Organization
FFA                          Forum Fisheries Agency
FFC                          Forum Fisheries Committee
FMP                         Fisheries Management Plan
FSM                         Federated States of Micronesia
GAC                         General Advisory Committee (IATTC)
HCR                         Harvest Control Rule
HLA                         Hawaiian Longline Association
HMS                        Highly Migratory Species
HMSAS                    Highly Migratory Species Advisory Subpanel
HMSMT                   Highly Migratory Species Management Team
HSFCA                     High Seas Fisheries Compliance Act
IATTC                       Inter-American Tropical Tuna Commission
ICCAT                      International Conv.for Conservation  of Atlantic Tunas
IFQ                          Individual Fishing Quota
IMO                         International Maritime Organization
ISC                           International Scientific Committee
ISSF                         International Seafood Sustainabilty Foundation
IUU                          Illegal, Unregistered, Undocumented (vessels)
IVQ                          Individual Vessel Quota
LE                            Limited Entry
LOS                         Law of the Sea Convention
MPA                        Marine Protected Area
MSA                        Magnuson Stevens Act
MSC                        Monitoring, Control and Surveillance
MSC                        Marine Stewardship Council
MSY                        Maximum Sustainable Yield
NEPA                      National Environmental Policy Act
NGO                       Non-Governmental Organization
NMFS                     National Marine Fisheries Service
NOAA                     National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
NPAFC                    North Pacific Anadromous Fisheries Commission
NPFMC                   North Pacific Fisheries Management Council
NRDC                     Natural Resources Defense Council
NWHI                     Northwest Hawaii Initiative
OAC                       Oregon Albacore Commission
ODFW                    Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife
OY                          Optimum Yield
PFMC                     Pacific Fisheries Management Council
PIN                        Pacific Island Nation
PIRO                      Pacific Islands Regional Office (NOAA/NMFS)
PNG                       Papua New Guinea
PSMFC                   Pacific States Marine Fisheries Commission
RFA                        Regulatory Flexibility Act
RFMO                    Regional Fisheries Management Organization
SAC                        Sport Fishing Association of California
SAFE                      Stock Assessment and Fishery Evaluation
SBA                       Small Business Administration
SBREFA                 Small Business Regulatory Enforcement Fairness Act
SFA                        US Magnuson-Stevens Sustainable Fisheries Act
SMNV                    Standard Marine Communication Phrases
SPC                        South Pacific Commission
SSC                          Scientific and Statistical Committee
STAR                       Stock Assessment Review
SWFSC                    Southwest Fisheries Science Center
TAC                         Total Allowable Catch
TCC                         Technical and Compliance Committee
TRP                         Target Reference Point
UNIA                       UN Implementing Agreement (Straddling Stocks)
USCG                      United States Coast Guard
USFWS                    United States Fish and Wildlife Service
USG                         United States Government
USTF                       United States Tuna Foundation
UTC                         United Tuna Cooperative
VMS                        Vessel Monitoring System
WCP                        Western Central Pacific
WCPFC                    Western and Central Pacific Fisheries Commission
WDFW                    Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife
WFOA                     Western Fishboat Owners Association
WPFMC                   Western Pacific Fisheries Management Council
WTA                        Washington Trollers Association
WWF                       World Wildlife Fund