About  Wild Pacific Albacore
Caught off the coast of California, Oregon, and Washington, Wild Pacific Albacore is certified as sustainable by the Marine Stewardship Council and is on the Monterey Bay Aquarium’s Super Green List. High in Omega-3s with a firm texture and mild flavor, Wild Pacific Albacore is commonly sold in loins, steaks, and smaller medallions during the season between July and October, and fresh-frozen or canned albacore is available year-round.

More about Wild Pacific Albacore

A “highly migratory species,” albacore tuna are found in many locations around the world; they often travel across an entire ocean. Albacore are sought not by just U.S. fishermen but also commercial boats from many other countries, so the fisheries depend on cooperative international agreements and management to ensure abundance of the species. Pacific albacore are abundant and harvests have been designated sustainable — according to NOAA’s FishWatch program, U.S. fishermen responsibly harvest albacore in both U.S. and international waters.

Commercial fishermen and sport boats have been harvesting albacore off the West Coast for more than 100 years — most of it now off Oregon and Washington. The season generally runs from mid-June to October, depending on where the fish are. About 25% of albacore caught on the West Coast is canned in small and large canneries in Oregon and Washington, or sold fresh locally right off the boats to individual consumers or to retailers and restaurants. Still about 75% of the catch each year is  shipped to canneries in Europe (mainly Spain), or to Asia (mainly Japan) buyers for sashimi markets.

About Western Fishboat Owners Association
The Western Fishboat Owners Association (WFOA) is a non-profit representing about 400 family-owned albacore fishing vessels and supporting coastal businesses. WFOA is involved in fisheries management issues at the state, federal, and international level. Chief among the Association’s concerns is maintaining a sustainable fishery for future generations. Members generally fish Northern Pacific waters and are based in California, Oregon, and Washington – with members in Alaska and Hawaii, British Columbia, and even New Zealand.

About the Oregon Albacore Commission
The Oregon Albacore Commission (OAC) was formed in 1999 and is part of the Oregon Department of Agriculture’s Commodity Commission Program; it is funded by Oregon fishermen and supporting businesses. The Commission’s primary activities include marketing and promotion, information dissemination, consumer education, and research. The OAC exhibits at major seafood and industry trade shows under the Seafood OREGON umbrella with the state’s three other seafood commodity commissions; the OAC works to enhance the consumption of sustainable troll-caught albacore.