From Albacore Vessels: WFOA will periodically list general albacore catch information on this page. We accept any fish reports from vessels. All information here is both voluntary and anonymous.

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Electronic Logbook for US vessels (Optional). NOAA is working on a new version but this version does work for most operating systems. A few boats are using it. The instructions are in the download and a link to the actual downloadable files.

Albacore Handlers 2016

Illegal Driftnet Sightings:  Illegal Driftnet Sighting Report Info

Albacore Fishing Reports North Pacific Season 2017

January 30, 2017: While it is many months until the US West Coast albacore fishery, we do have about a dozen boats fishing far south in the South Pacific at this time as we have had since 1985.Albacore troll fishing has been reported good early for the boats and we expect their catches to last until around April. Most of the fish frozen at sea will be sold back into the west coast for domestic and overseas sashimi and loin markets. The catch is certified by Marine Stewardship Council (MSC)

Archival Tag Recovery Information: American Fishermen’s Research Foundation has deployed over 1,000 tags since 2001. The reward for recovering and sending in the whole fish is now $500. If you find one in your catch, please separate the fish and contact SWFSC, your buyer, or AFRF. AFRF is continuing the long-term tagging cooperative project with SWFSC – NOAA/NMFS.

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