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WFOA Management Changes

As of  February 1, 2023 I am technically retired as WFOA’s executive directors, as position I have been at since 1996. I will be helping the transition as a Temporary Administrator.

Mr. Clayton Wraith is the new Executive Director and will be easing into the management and regulatory issues we are involved in over the next few months as well as other public education, market issues, members issues, and other.

Clayton is an attorney and WFOA is not his sole source of income but wants to be involved in helping US albacore fishermen maintain access to the resource and promote the product. WFOA will soon have a administrator on the west coast that will handle the everyday issues and general office functions. A new address, emails, and phones will be established.

In the meantime you can contact Clay at (541) 729-0344 or

Government agencies which I am on your list should add Clay for information.

For regular admin issues you can still contact me at (530) 229-1097, or Cell (530)-355-3151 voice or txt

Thanks for your patience.

Wayne H

From Albacore Vessels: WFOA will periodically list general albacore catch information on this page. We accept any fish reports from vessels. All information here is both voluntary and anonymous. Scroll Down

WFOA/AAFA Statement of Offshore Wind Leases off Oregon

Albacore Buyers 2022

Albacore Fishing Reports:

North Pacific: As we reported in the October newsletter the landings this past season far exceeded the 2021 landings and also topped the past four seasons. About 8,000/st have been landed in U.S. ports by U.S. albacore fishermen. There has been little change in these numbers since October.

Substantial tonnage has also been unloaded in Canada by U.S. vessels. We are estimating that the total for U.S. landings will be 10,000/st or greater. That is a good number considering the markets and supply chain issues that affected prices and effort from August through seasons end.

South Pacific: There will be fewer vessels fishing in the SP this season with some arriving in the region about now. Recent years have seen from 12-21 vessels in the SP, we expect 8-12 for 2023. The decrease is probably based on operating and fuel costs as well as maintenance issues on boats. At this time a few reports of cold water farther south than normal but it’s just beginning.

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Tagged Albacore Reward 2022

Electronic Logbooks: From NMFS – The operator of any commercial fishing vessel and any recreational charter fishing vessel for highly migratory species in the management area must maintain onboard the vessel an accurate and complete record of catch, effort, and other data on report forms provided by the Regional Administrator or state agency.




Illegal Vessel and Incident Sighting Report Form

Archival Tag Recovery Information: American Fishermen’s Research Foundation has deployed over 1,000 tags since 2001. The reward for recovering and sending in the whole fish is now $500. If you find one in your catch, please separate the fish and contact SWFSC, your buyer, or AFRF. AFRF is continuing the long-term tagging cooperative project with SWFSC – NOAA/NMFS.

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