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Albacore Fishing Reports North Pacific Season 2017

2017 Catch – Updated: Updated figures for the North Pacific U.S. landings have been revised to nearly 8,165/st. That is still about 65% of average but better than it seemed a few months ago. Westport, WA accounted for nearly half of the total landings, followed by Ilwaco, Newport, Coos Bay, and Astoria. By state, Washington’s total was 5,707/st, Oregon 2,367/st, and California at 90/st. Not included is some catch sold off vessels and to small markets locally. Also, we do not have landings for the recreational fleet yet.

Canadian Catch: Canadian trollers who could access the U.S. EEZ (45 vessels) had the vast majority of their catch made in the U.S. Zone. Although there are no figures out yet Canadian catch in their own EEZ was reported to be poor. A few U.S. boats fished in Canada and reported similar poor catches for most of the season.

High Seas: There was a higher percentage of catch made beyond the U.S. and Canadian EEZ’s this year compared to recent years. Albacore were found across a very wide area with little concentrations. Vessels fished from the 200nm EEZ to the dateline through the season. Although there was not a large effort offshore, it seemed to support a possible resurgence of catch to the offshore region. More vessels may fish in the offshore regions in 2018 starting earlier as in the past.

South Pacific: About 12-14 boats are now headed to the South Pacific for the season. Last season fishing was early starting in late December. We wish the guys luck in this long trip. Markets should remain good. South Pacific albacore is a hot issue with the management bodies internationally. WFOA has been represented at these RFMO meetings trying to keep our very small far offshore fishery separated from the longline albacore fishery which has had some recent issues and expansion by nations such as China into the region. As a source of information the following is a brief history of this fishery we presented a few years back and why we cannot lose access.

Seasonal Fishing Reports:  There will be no further fish reports posted here until the 2018 season begins in June 2018. WFOA appreciates all that participated and we strive to keep the reports general as far as area and catch to not contribute to on-grounds crowding.

Archival Tag Recovery Information: American Fishermen’s Research Foundation has deployed over 1,000 tags since 2001. The reward for recovering and sending in the whole fish is now $500. If you find one in your catch, please separate the fish and contact SWFSC, your buyer, or AFRF. AFRF is continuing the long-term tagging cooperative project with SWFSC – NOAA/NMFS.

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