WFOA Manager Job Announcement 2022

New WFOA Manager Hire: The WFOA board over the past two months have sought potential replacements for the WFOA manager position. I have been executive director of WFOA since 1996. It has been a pleasure to serve and has had its challenges and characters.

The WFOA board has settled on the services of Clayton T. Wraith. Clay has a background in fishing and family in fishing for many years. Clay is an attorney and very enthusiastic about helping fishermen maintain access to the resource among many endeavors. He is based in Nashville, TN and will be working for a minimal fee at this time at least until we see where the budget will be after the season. Therefore I strongly encourage members to pay dues on time and voluntary assessments to help increase WFOA’s revenue so we can accomplish more in the future.

WFOA is also searching for an administrative person to handle the paperwork and office issues from a west coast base. We have a couple people in mind but if anyone knows someone looking for a part time position, please contact WFOA.

Clay plans to pursue more members as there are still 200-300 U.S. vessels that catch and land albacore that do not belong to WFOA or AAFA. There are also many former WFOA vessels that are potential members. Given Clay’s place of residence WFOA Admin Job Request 2023To have an easy transition I will be involved over the next few months.

There possibly could be some minor disruptions over the next few months but members can use the email and 530-299-1097 office phone and P.O.B. 992723 mailbox until we have a change and announce it. After that to contact me for any non-WFOA purposes to 3779 Sunglow Dr., Redding, CA 96001 or 530-355-3151 and email

All other WFOA activities involving regulation and management will continue with WFOA’s consultant Mike Conroy. WFOA will also remain involved in state, federal, and international issues, meetings, and decisions. Smooth sailing should be accomplished by April 1.

WFOA Officers: In November at the last WFOA board meeting Shawn Ryan ( F/V San Pablo) was elected WFOA President and Doug Fricke – Vice President.

Western Fishboat Owners Association 1967 – 2022

Western Fishboat Owners’ Association (WFOA),  a non-profit association representing albacore troll-vessel owners and supporting businesses in California, Oregon, Washington, Alaska, and Hawaii. It started by fishermen back in 1967 as a way to stabilize market prices for albacore tuna and has evolved over the years into a group representing fishermen in markets, pricing, management and regulation from the state levels to the international level. Our membership has been stable throughout those years as has the fishing and stocks we fish on with only a few seasons exceptions.

The Western Fishboat Owners’ Association (WFOA) management includes 16- 20 directors from 10 districts. The number of directors in each district is based on the total number of regular members in each district. The numbers are reapportioned each year prior to the annual general membership meeting. WFOA is based in Redding, California and hires office help and other staff as needed.


Western Fishboat Owners’ Association
P.O. Box 992723
Redding, CA 96099
Phone: 530-229-1097
Mobile: 530-355-3151


Regular & Associate Member / Vessel Owners
Supporting Member / Businesses
Supporting Member / Letter
Retired & Crewmember


Officers:  President – Doug Fricke, Vice President – Karl Johnson, Secretary/Treasurer – Teresa Reeves



Karl Johnson
Jeremy Brown
Michael Brown
Bruce Samuelson

Louie Hill
Ed Bittner
Libie Cain
Doug Fricke
Ron Harper

Henry deRonden
Shawn Ryan

Aaron Newman


Tom Hart

Wayne Moody

SAN DIEGO / SoCal / Hawaii
John LaGrange
Rob McAdam


Wayne Heikkila (Executive Director) Redding, California
Mike Conroy (Legal and Management Consultant) Los Angeles, California

The Original WFOA Board in 1967:

1967 Board of directors, Western Fishboat Owners Association

1967 Board of directors, Western Fishboat Owners’ Association

Seated left to right:
Verne Gramling, Doug Brinton, Harry Larsen, Mike Tyler, Bob Insinger (Manager), Ray Wadsworth.
Standing front, left to right:
Paul Hawkins, Chet White, Dick Cramer, Currt Olsen, Leon Cordileone, Leif Reinholdtsen, Ted Jacobsen.
Standing back, left to right:
Bill Winchell, J.V. Shaw, Virgil Smith, Frank LaGamma, Sandy Munro, Herb Gale, Joe Tarantino, Bill Hansen, Arnold Reinholdtsen.